Is It Bad

Is it bad that I just want you to know, I want you to know the pain that you caused, And acknowledge it at least, The hurt you caused me, The lies and anger you took out on me, Anger because you were lying, The manipulation and gaslighting you used to do when we were […]

May Never Feel Again…

The one thing in this world I cherish more then anything else, Given and taken away, Reciprocated and betrayed, Cherished and stabbed, Love… All I’ve ever asked for, And yet I’m unlovable, Cherished and yet handed off, Accepted and given up on, Broken and demonized, Hurt and lied too, Manipulated and used, Gaslit and set […]

Action and Inaction

You have to make sure you’re at balance between action and inaction, Too much action and you risk the consequences of impulsivity, Not thinking enough through what you’re doing and ending up doing the wrong thing, Wanting results so bad that you become impatient and miss the right timing, Or not enough action, Inaction where […]

An Ember

An Ember, Once a roaring fire, Only contained by the energy in which surrounded it, Which begs the question, Was it choked out by it’s surroundings, Watered down by life, Or did the fire simply burn everything it could, Spread till there was nothing left to burn, Burnt everything around it, Till it was left […]

Open Heart Surgery

Healing is like preforming open heart surgery, It’s slow and precise, Not to be rushed, It takes undivided attention, Because any distractions, Diversions of energy, Only leads to a longer process, More damage, While no damage is permanent, And you can always heal, If you don’t allow yourself the time, The damage will be permanent, […]

Too Long

For too long I have allowed this person, This person who loves me, To hurt me, And continue to hurt me, It’s not all their fault though, I allowed it, Everytime, Out of a lack of self respect, I stayed and fought for someone, Who didn’t fight all that much for me, They made me […]


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