You’re My Favorite Song

I feel like this is a universal feeling,

But idk,

Ok so you know that feeling when you find a new song,

And that feeling when your favorite part hits,

Hits just so hard,

And for those few seconds,

The few seconds you forget everything,

Feeling an overwhelming amount of emotion,

So fucking good,

Euphoric even,

That’s how I feel with you,

But instead it’s not just a few seconds,

It’s every moment,

Everytime you laugh,


Touch my lower back at work when you needed something or pass by me,

And yeah I fall quick,

Way to quick,

But it’s who I am,

I find no shame in that,

So why fight it,

And you’re worth it honestly,

And the pain I feel now,

Is worth it,

Because you’re my favorite part in my favorite song,

I just wish you’d come back…

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