Who Knew Scars Could Hurt

Who knew scars could hurt,

Like the first day you got them,

Or that scars could bleed,

Like they’re fresh,

Or that they could tare open,

With the smallest of movements,

Or that they don’t make you stronger,

Just leave you with skin more likely to bleed,

Or that they’re permanence,

Makes you inevitably hopeless,

But some scars while always there,

You’ll never have to reopen them,

And they’ll be so delicate,

That you’ll never move,

In fear of taring the thin skin holding it all in,

However the scars that have been ripped, torn, and bleed from,

Are far stronger,

While the process however painful,

And still as permanent and visible,

You won’t be held by fear,

And it’s almost like it’s not even there anymore,

Who knew scars could hurt…

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