Lost Valentine’s Day

We lost a day we can’t get back,

A day to me,

To me means more then you know,

A day full of love…

And as a person packed so tightly with so much of it,

Like a vacation suitcase,

It’s my favorite excuse to to let it all out,

But how can I be mad,

When I was the one who failed to say that…

You are my first ever real Valentine,

Never had one before,

A real one at least,

One that’s not a joke,

Or a close friend,

A real Valentine…

And all I really got to do was spend the last 5 minutes of the day on the phone with you,

And yeah you can say it’s just a day,

And we can do what we were going to any day,

But for me at least it’s just not the same,

It’s just not the same…

Why do all are memories have to be so sad…

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