Life; The River

Sometimes I like to think of life as a river,

Like being at flow with life,

Is just floating down the river,

Sometimes we paddle to shore,

For something we need,

Or want,

Sometimes we spend to much time on shore,

Fall out of flow,

When we were simply supposed to get what we went to shore for,

And return to the river,

Return to flow with life,

Sometimes with a lesson learned,

A new crew member,

Or something of value,

Adding to your life,

To your journey,

But sometimes you bring something aboard,

That weights the boat down,

Filling the boat with water,

And you’re forced to drop it ashore,

Because while it’s a part of your story,

It’s involvement in your journey,

Is temporary,

Life is like a river,

Sometimes you just got to sit back,

And flow with The Universe…

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