I’m Tired

I’m tired of forgiving you,

I’m tired of forgetting all the times you hurt me,

Only for you to do it all again,

We’re caught in this vicious cycle,

Tearing each other apart limb by limb,

Skin like paper rip and tear,

But you’re the only one doing the tearing,

Ripping me apart with enough time to do it to yourself too,

Your sinking,

And my lungs are starting to fill with water,

I’m tired,

I’m tired of letting you pull me down,

In hopes that we might be able to float happily one day,

But with no oxygen left,

I can finally see clearly,

I finally see your true colors,

So thank you because you made it easy,

I can let you go,

I can finally let you go,

Let you sink,

While I swim to the surface,

And I’m so tired,

That I never look back,

Because part of me doesn’t even care to let you sink,

You hurt me and continued to hurt me,

So why should I care at this point,

I have every right not too…

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