I’m the jerk…

I’m a jerk,

Because I loved you enough,

To not want to give up on you,

Give up on us,

Because I chose to forgive you,

For all the times you hurt me,

Just for you to tell me you lied to me,

Our entire relationship,

When I was nothing but transparent,

My patience was pressure,

My guidance was guilting,

When all I did was care,

Then be irritated and angry with me,

Because you were lying,

Pretending to be someone your not,

When I accepted you for who you are,

I ignored my friends when I explained our entire relationship,

When they told me you were toxic,

Told me I shouldn’t be with you,

That I shouldn’t have taken you back as many times as I did,

But I just blindly defended you,

I ignored The Universe,

Telling me to give up on you,

I fought my entire belief system for you,

Because I loved you,

And for me that was enough,

More then enough,

But I was never enough for you,

I’ll never be enough for you,

You told me you loved me,

And I still wasn’t enough,

I’m starting to realize,

Everyone was right about you,

While I wasn’t always right,

I’m imperfect,

And I’m self aware and transparent of that,

I take accountability and apologize for my wrongs,

You were toxic,

I’m over it all,

I’m over you…

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