Heartbreak; Grieving A Loss

I cry as if I’m grieving a loss,

But that’s how it feels,

While you’re not dead,

Your existence in my life is…

And a lot like death and loss,

You’d do anything to get that person back in you love back,

But I’ve clawed you back into my life four times already,

And another seems inevitably hopeless,

I’d say you ruined what we could’ve had,

For you broke my heart three times,

Only to take me back in,

Shattered and broken,

A shell of who I once was,

I didn’t help,

You asked for space to heal,

And I gave you none,

And for that,

I blame myself for all of it,


I’m sorry,

I love you,

I probably always will,

I feel as if I lost a part of myself,

I feel as if a part of myself died,

Guess death and loss is a lot like heartbreak after all…

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