Hardest Part

The hardest part of my day is one not thought of,

It’s the moment I get in my car,

Whether it’s after a great day at work,

Or the start of my day,

It’s realizing when I shut car door,

And I’m overwhelmed by silence,

That I’m not rushing over to your house,

To see you,

Every time it breaks me,

Because even though it’s draining,

Seeing you was my favorite part of my day,

Because that brief couple of seconds,

Un-Inundated by negative energy,

It gave me purpose for the day,

And without you even knowing it,

You were the reason everyday,

My reason,

For getting things done,

All of it was to make our time…


And yet we never celebrated those first moments,

After a long day,

We treated it as if we had been together forever,

Because I wanted to be together forever,

But we failed to cherish we had,

I failed to cherish what we had,

We played it too casual,

I played it too casual,

And I regret it,

I regret it now more then ever…

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