Demonized ft Myself

I’ve guilted myself to death,

About this situation,

About the way I acted,

Why wouldn’t I just leave you alone,

I’m a terrible, horrible, toxic person,

Demonized myself like I do best,

But how could I blame myself,

With how I felt,

I felt as if ripping you out of my life,

Was ripping my heart straight out of my chest,

But I was held at gunpoint by you,

Because I wasn’t enough for you to be happy,

Or want to try hard enough to make it work,

You just lied,

And would be irritated with me that you were,

When all I did was love and care about you,

While it’s no excuse for my actions,

I was scared,


I did it out of love,

I couldn’t leave you alone,

Because I couldn’t imagine my life without you,

In fear of losing that love,

I love hard,

And I could demonize myself for that,

And I probably still will,

But why should I anymore then I already have…

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