Clearing Out The Drafts… Bye

The other day I told my coworker that we broke up,

And before I could utter a sentence,

She began to bash me for the first words I chose,

In an attempt to try and explain it,

She wouldn’t even let me talk another word,

I tried but few words uninterrupted only fueled her opinionated and uninformed argument,

Till it was too much,

And I just went to the bathroom and cried,

When it was brought up again,

It didn’t help when all of my coworkers hopped in,

But I shut down long before I could convey how much I regret it,

They riddled me with why’s,

Why would you break up with her,

She’s beautiful,

Looking at the picture on my phone they insisted on seeing,

“What’s wrong with you?!”

The line that truly broke me,

Because it was a question I had been trying to answer myself…

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