Biggest Ally; Worst Enemy

My OCD is often my biggest ally,

But can be my worst enemy,

Because the first letter,


Standing for Obsession,

Can drive me crazy if I let it,

And as I slip into insanity,

The feeling like falling in a dream,

I claw at everything to keep from falling,

Even though I’m not falling at all,

But repeating intrusive thoughts inside my head,

Each one more drastically different from another,

With that,

The ending becomes unclear,

And like a cornered animal,

I act implusively,

In hopes of getting out,

To stop the falling,

But all I end up doing is hurting the people around me,

Hurting the people I care most about,

When I had no intent too,

However that is no excuse for my actions,

Just sometimes I feel like a cornered animal inside my own head,

Surrounded by my thoughts…

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